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Aircraft Extrusion Co has the world's largest extrusion database. Search over 83,000 Tiernay Metals and aircraft manufacturer part numbers. Cross Reference, Send RFQ's and See Pricing. With so many search functions and tools available we have posted a quick tutorial video to help.

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A great search tool to quickly identify the size and shape for existing or new design. Shapes can be filtered and sorted by shape and dimension.

aerospace seat track


aerospace seat track


aerospace seat track


aerospace seat track


aerospace seat track


aerospace seat track

H Beams

Option 3. Cross Reference

      With over 83,000 part numbers and more in the aerospace and commercial market, using this cross refernce tool will help you narrow down your search for part numbers that can be dual certified and or dimentional identical.

      If you need help, give us a call or check out this brief tutorial video.

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      Quote with 2D Drawing

      Quotes available with just a technical drawing, no CAD required. If you work with legacy parts, in MRO, or in procurement and only have engineering drawings on hand, simply upload your 2D files and create a digital RFQ in seconds. All uploads are secure and confidential.

      A new service we now offer. Started in 2020 Extrusion Profiling is the process of offering an existing extruded shape in 2024 or 7075 and machine down to the exact dimensions of the new shape. Using certified material we are able to provide up to 8ft lengths in a 1 week lead time, accompanied by our certificate of conformance with chemical and mechanical properties included. A.O.G profiles and extrusions in 2024 and 7075. Shipped within 5 days. Any size, any shape.

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