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aerospace seat track

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We sell a wide range of aircraft seat track and high strength alloy track. Also know as airline track, L-Track and cargo track. Used for securing seats and cargo. Manufactured from high tensile aircraft aluminum in 7075, our tracks have a vertical load capasity of in excess of 6000 Lbs. Our airline tracks are designed with holes to aerospace specification AS33601 and are FAA certified with mill test reports.

List of best sellers.
  • MS33601 Standard Track
  • AS33601 Douglas
  • 40467-11-144 Ancra
  • BAC1520-841
  • TMS60-5057 Tiernay
  • 40456-11-144 Ancra
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The market is full of aluminum seat track for your sprinter van or Ford. Choosing a supplier is not easy. Our track is made of 7075-T6511 aluminum. It has been tested and certified to meet aerospace seat track standards. The cost is higher, but the so are the results, especially when you are putting seats in where strength and safety is a priority. We have two load capacity tracks. 40456-11: 4,500 lbs and 40467-11: 6,000 lbs. load capasity.

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We machine the slots in the Seat Track.

Aircraft Extrusion Co will machine the slots in the Seat Track. Our 12Ft CNC is fast and reliable and we can machine all types of seat track slots in as little as one day. Our standard hole patter is machined using the specification MS33601. In addition to Boeing seat tracks (BAC1520-xxxx), Aircraft Extrusion Company has maintains a high stocking level of aerospace L-Track in 7075-T6511 and commercial track in 6061. Seat track is installed on the floor of the aircraft allowing passenger seats to be attached to the seat track rather than directly to the floor. This allows for secure attachment of the seats, but with the option of moving or removing the seats quickly simply by removing them from the seat tracks as needed. Form more information contact our sales team.

7075-T6 Cargo Track.

Aircraft Extrusion seat tracks are pre-machined after the extrusion process. There is a global seat track pattern that we follow (AS33601 Specification). Custom hole and seat track is available with secondary machining on our VF-12 Vericle CNC Milling Machine. Slots are machined into the tracks in a standard hole pattern to the specification AS33601 and are certified with our ISO documentation. Shipping is same day for AOG

Seat Track holes

widerIt is important to note that standard channel or profile is generally classed seat track after the slots have been machined by a horizontal CNC milling machine. In addition to the slots or "key holes" we can also include the mounting holes and any additional milling operations if required. More more information read more about our in-house design team.

CNC Profile Machine

More about machining

Haas VF-12 Verticle CNC Machining

Aircraft Extrusion has cnc capability to machine extruded shapes and seat tracks in lengths of 144 inches and greater. Having a 12ft CNC provides is the ability to reduce set up time and lower the risk of machining errors that are frequest when machining long parts on shorter machines. Send us your file in pdf or SolidWorks format.


seat track cnc toolOur AS9100 certified quality management system allows us to provide the consistency and traceability required in the aviation industry. We pride ourselves on our document control procedures which ensure all required documentation is controlled, distributed, and maintained appropriately. Our planning and scheduling department ensures that projects flow smoothly through the shop and all required materials are available when needed.

In-House Design Team

We are proficient in SolidWorks and Autocad and can translate engineering drawings and designs. We work with designers, engineers and buyers daily. Provide cost analysis and feasibility studies for commercial and aerospace grade aluminum. Providing over the phone quotes on most custom from simple to complex. We can discuss feasibility, die charges and lead times for Extrusions and tubes.

About our seat tracks

AS33601 7075-T6511 and 7075-T73511 is a standard in cargo tracks. Commonly referred to as ‘Brownline’ or ‘Douglas’ style track. Our stock of seat track is compatible with common MS33601 0.730" diameter style fittings, the new tracks are precision machined, from aerospace grade 7075-T6511 and high strength 7075-T73511 aluminum with full traceability and material certification. Seat track hole pattern also refered to as the slots are an after extrusion process on our CNC milling center.