New Shapes and Mill Run


Extrusion made from the Mill

Manufacturing mills based in the USA are available to produce aluminum extrusions in a variety of aircraft grades including 2000 Series like 2219, 2014 and 2024 and 7000 series like 7149, 7075, 7178. Unlike commercial mills that specialize in 6061 the process for aerospace alloys is very different. With multiple steps in addition to the extrusion, including special testing, heat treatment and straightening.

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Aircraft Aluminum Characteristics.

Most designers are familiar with the physical characteristics of 2024 and 7075. Offering high strength, stiffness, fatigue durability, damage tolerance, low density to name just a few. Our technical sales team works with engineers and designers to find the best fit based on technical requirements and availability in the market place.

Aircraft Aluminum Availability.

A question we get asked a lot is the availability of aircraft alloys. With a limited supply chain of aircraft grade extrusion mills it is a constant battle for smaller aircraft development companies to find new and improved alloys that can be purchased in timely and cost effective manner. Aircraft Extrusion Company has a network of suppliers, mills in distribution that with provide the most up to date information on existing and developing alloys.

7075 Extrusion Alloy

7075 was introduced in the USA by Alcoa in 1943 and was standardized for aerospace use in 1945. Today it is still the most common aircraft alloy and is used in the airframe of both military and commercial aircraft.

2024 Extrusion Alloy

The main alloying element in 2024 is copper. For applications that require high strength to weight ratio, as well as good fatigue resistance. Its most common application is the outer fuselage skin for both commercial and military aircraft.

6061 Extrusion Alloy

A common alloy used in light aircraft. Magnesium and silicon are the main alloying elements. 6061 has great corrosion resistance, and while the mechanicals are much lower than 2024 and 7075 it is very formable and easily weldable.