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40467-11 Seat track

The companies listed have been a great resource for us over the years for aircraft aluminum extrusion. We hope this helps with your quest for aluminum extrusion knowledge.

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 Angle-A01-Equal Thickness  Angle-A02-Unequal Thickness  Acute-Angle-A03 Equal Thickness  Acute-Angle-A03 Unequal Thickness Obtuce-Angle-A05 Equal Thickness Obtuce-Angle-A06 Unequal Thickness  Bulb Angle A07
 Zee section Z01 - Equal Thickness  Zee Secion Z02 - Unequal Thickness Tee-Symetrical-T01 Equal Thickness Tee-Symetrical-T02 - Unequal Thickness Tee 03 - Offset-Equal Thickness Tee 04 - Offset-UnEqual Thickness Tee-Bulb
Tee-Offset Bulb T07 Tee-T06 - Offset Angled -Equal Angle Tee-Offset Angled -T06 Unequal Angle Tee-T09 - Flanged Channel C01 - Equal Thickness Channel C02 - Unequal Thickness Channel Semi Closed
Channel Hat C03 Channel Flanged C05 H-Beam H01 Equal Thickness H-Beam H02 Unequal Thickness Channel Special C03 Bar-Type-B04 Bar-Type-B05
Bar-Type-B06 Bar-Type-B02 Bar-Type-B07 Bar-Type-B01 Bar-Type-B03 Formed
Formed-semi-closed-channel Formed Obtuse Angle RA3 Formed Angle - RA1 Formed Acute Angle RA4 Formed Hat RC3 Formed Channel RC1 Formed Channel Unequal Legs

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Shape Search expedites classification. It rapidly identifies very similar parts that are great candidates to be in the same class. With Shape Search, you find all the similar parts and promote re-use, faster.

With over 20,000 shapes and sizes it is almost impossible to review every one. With Aircraft Extrusions search by shape tool, filtering by the using the dimension too we are sure you will make the connection