Boeing Extrusion, profiles and Stringers

40467-11 Seat track

Finding Boeing Extruded Shapes

Finding Boeing Extruded Shapes

Specializing BAC part numbers.A range of BAC extrusions. Airline Maintenance and AOG and JIT for all companies including extrusion for Boeing 737, 747 and 777. With thousands of BAC part numbers available, chances are, if we do not have the one you need we possible have a cross reference that you can use or something similar you can cut-to-size. If you need a Boeing drawing, our library covers BAC1501 to BAC1600, with other 7,500 drawings and specifications to reduce the number of decisions.

Boeing Seat Tracks

Need slots in your seat track? We use the latest CNC technology to ensure quality and precision. With our extensive repertoire of equipment, we are fully capable of fulfilling all your machining needs, from simple to complex. You’ll find highly qualified, experienced CNC machine programmers at Aircraft Extrusion. With CAM programming and CAD capabilities, we’ve got your design needs covered. Aircraft Extrusion Company CNC Machines are programmed using the latest software and have the capabilities to run four axis machined parts.

Extrusion Profiling - A.O.G.

widerA new service we now offer. Started in 2018 Extrusion Profiling is the process of offering an existing extruded shape in 2024 or 7075 and machine down to the exact dimensions of the new shape. Using certified material we are able to provide up to 8ft lengths in a 1 week lead time, accompanied by our certificate of conformance with chemical and mechanical properties included..


widerOur AS9100 certified quality management system allows us to provide the consistency and traceability required in the aviation industry. We pride ourselves on our document control procedures which ensure all required documentation is controlled, distributed, and maintained appropriately. Our planning and scheduling department ensures that projects flow smoothly through the shop and all required materials are available when needed.

In-House Design Team

We are proficient in SolidWorks and Autocad and can translate engineering drawings and designs. We work with designers, engineers and buyers daily. Provide cost analysis and feasibility studies for commercial and aerospace grade aluminum. Providing over the phone quotes on most custom from simple to complex. We can discuss feasibility, die charges and lead times for Extrusions and tubes.

We talk Extrusion

The worlds largest dedicated company of aluminum profiles in 2024 and 7075. At Aircraft Extrusion Company, extruded shapes profiles and tubes is our focus. With over the past 15 years of over consolidation of metal companies the experts have gone. With no clear leader in aerospace profiles, no company specializing in the design, manufacture and supplier of aerospace extrusions and special shapes. We offer design information, tolerance, specifications and heat treating information, forming and bending capabilities to a wide range of customers ranging from Boeing, Airbus, Spacex to vintage aircraft groups building B-17 or experimental aircraft.