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High Strength Aluminum Alloy

Large inventory of high strength aluminum alloy shapes in 2024 and 7075 aerospace extruded shapes. With supply of manufactured profiles with a fast turn-around delivery. Tiernay Metals and hard to find extrusions are our specialty.

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Custom Shapes in 2024 and 7075

Our Cad design team will work with you for the best option for form and fit in 2024 and 7075. With profiles up to 6 inch circle size. There are no minimum orders, the design and quotes are free and we can manufacture in under 7 Weeks.

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Aircraft Extrusions

7075 and 2024 are the most common high strength aluminum alloys. Applications are not restricted to the aerospace industry. Supplied in standard profile configuration, Angles, Channels and Tee's. Technical shapes and tube. In addition to aerospace we serve sporting companies, and medical. As a supplier and distributor of aerospace profiles and tubes in high strength aluminum. we can offer Tiernay Metals, Boeing and AND Shapes. Aerospace ISO9001:2008 and AS9100 Rev D approved. Available stock of Tiernay Metals (TMS or 60- Part numbers), Pioneer Aluminum, Boeing extrusions and Army Navy part numbers in 2024, 2219, 7050, 7075 and 6061. Providing you an end-to-end design, engineering and manufacturing solution of aircraft structural shapes to the aerospace, defense, automotive and motor-sport industries.

Extrusion Profiling - A.O.G

A new service we now offer. Started in 2018 Extrusion Profiling is the process of offering an existing extruded shape in 2024 or 7075 and machine down to the exact dimensions of the new shape. Using certified material we are able to provide up to 8ft lengths in a 1 week lead time, accompanied by our certificate of conformance with chemical and mechanical properties included.

We talk Extrusion

At Aircraft Extrusion Company, extruded shapes profiles and tubes is our focus. With over the past 15 years of over consolidation of metal companies the experts have gone. With no clear leader in aerospace profiles, no company specializing in the design, manufacture and supplier of aerospace extrusions and special shapes. We offer design information, tolerance, specifications and heat treating information, forming and bending capabilities to a wide range of customers ranging from Boeing, Airbus, Spacex to vintage aircraft groups building B-17 or experimental aircraft.

Our Specialty

Aircraft Extrusion

We have over 50,000 aerospace extruded shapes and profiles, it's an easy choice. Stocking standard and custom shapes in 2024, 6061 and 7075 aircraft grade aluminum

Custom Design

We work with you to develop the most cost-effective and optimal design for your product with our design engineers and with custom-made dies

7075-T6 and 2024-T3 Tube

Square and rectangular aircraft grade tubing in 2024, 6061 and 7075. We have stock in standard and none standard shapes. Short lead times and best pricing for aerospace and commercial use

What we do best.

  • Extruded Shapes 2024/7075/6061
    With over 50'000 shapes and alloy combination available. Call us with your requirements or email
  • Custom Design
    Available in 2024 and 7075. A comprehensive end-to-end design, engineering and manufacturing solution of aircraft structural shapes to the performance industries.
  • 7075/ 2024 Tube
    For standard and non standard square and rectangular tube call aircraft extrusion company. We also supply streamline tube.

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