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Aircraft Extrusion Co has the world's largest extrusion database. Search over 83,000 Tiernay Metals and aircraft manufacturer part numbers. Cross Reference, Send RFQ's and See Pricing. With so many search functions and tools available we have posted a quick tutorial video to help.

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    Aerospace Extrusions and Tube

    Also known as aircraft extrusion, 7075 and 2024 are the most common high strength aluminum alloys. Supplied in standard profile configuration, Angles, Channels and Tee's. Technical shapes and tube. In addition to aerospace we serve sporting companies, and medical. As a supplier and distributor of aerospace profiles and tubes in high strength aluminum.

    Why Search by Shape?

    Shape Search expedites classification. It rapidly identifies very similar parts that are great candidates to be in the same class. With Shape Search, you find all the similar parts and promote re-use, faster.

    With over 20,000 shapes and sizes it is almost impossible to review every one. With Aircraft Extrusions search by shape tool, filtering by the using the dimension too we are sure you will make the connection


    All material is fully inspected prior to stocking. including visual acceptance for dings, scratch or dents. The certification is also inspected to ensure that material meets the spec, with no exceptions, and that the heat lot and specification on the sheets agrees with the test report supplied. We also ensure quality by employing experienced quality personnel, through automated inspections, and utilizing CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs).

    Commitment to Quality.

    Aircraft Extrusion Co, both ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 Rev D. certified, provides the high level of quality that aerospace and defense manufacturers need, without exception. We do this with a keen focus on quality metrics. Aircraft Extrusion utilizes Statistical Process Control (SPC) methods to ensure that our facility operates at peak production without being over extended, and the result is a Parts Per Million (PPM) well below the industry average.

    We exceed AS9100 

    Our AS9100 certified quality management system allows us to provide the consistency and traceability required in the aviation industry. We pride ourselves on our document control procedures which ensure all required documentation is controlled, distributed, and maintained appropriately.


    Aircraft Extrusion Company holds over 2000 items in stock in 2024 and 7075. Over the years we have made standard and non-standard shapes in imperial and metric sizes. For more information contact one of our sales team or send an RFQ.

    Think Small

    Aircraft's ultra-precision aluminum extrusions are produced through a proprietary technique that delivers features, tolerances, and surface finishes previously believed to be impossible. This process produces products at the sub-millimeter range, making it ideal for medical equipment and consumer electronics.