Management Team


Michael Sealey, Founder and CEO of Aircraft Extrusion Company has over 30 years experience in aircraft extruded shapes in design, manufacturing and distribution. A graduate of Richard Taunton College, Southampton with a degree in business and engineering. Mike worked for many years for Tiernay Metals alongside pioneers in the aerospace aluminum industry. "Having such a highly motivated and professional team has given us the ability to react quickly to our customers' requirements and offer high-quality aluminum profiles. We believe in constant improvement and building long-term relationships with both customers and suppliers.

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Ryan Utnehmer earned his B.A. in Business Administration from Chico State in 2013 and later added an MBA from the same institution. He has diversified experience across various industries, from mobile software and textile equipment manufacturing to product sourcing and direct-to-consumer retail brands. Ryan has a notable expertise in streamlining operations in startups and small businesses, employing data-driven efficiency. In 2019, he joined the Aircraft Extrusion Company (AEC), where he has been instrumental in driving momentum and introducing innovative problem-solving techniques. At AEC, Ryan manages the sales, quality, and logistics teams, emphasizing swift problem-solving and proactive decision-making. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family, engaging in various outdoor activities, traveling, and playing pickleball.

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Introducing Antachea, a core member of our Aircraft Extrusion Company family since 2017, who has grown tremendously both personally and professionally. Her unwavering commitment to her work is evident as she adeptly oversees diverse tasks such as account management, logistics, and daily operations. A native of Chico, CA, her invaluable contributions have been pivotal to our early expansion and success.

The quality of Antachea's work is mirrored in her dedicated role as the primary liaison for our customers and partners. She ensures smooth order processing and cultivates enduring relationships, all while managing the demands of family life and her role as a wife and mother to three wonderful children. Her perseverance doesn't stop at her duties at work and home; she is also pursuing a bachelor's degree in Supply Chain and Operations, highlighting her commitment to never-ending growth and learning.

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Mikayla Jones is a dynamic Sales Executive at Aircraft Extrusion Company, distinguished by her remarkable academic achievements and unparalleled commitment to customer service. Over an intense six-year span, Mikayla amassed a staggering seven degrees - five associate degrees, a Bachelor's in Business Administration, and a Master's in Public Administration.

Beginning her journey in the aerospace industry in February 2022, Mikayla's business acumen, honed through her rigorous education, has swiftly propelled her into a position of significant responsibility. Despite being relatively new to the industry, Mikayla has taken charge of a substantial portion of our sales, successfully managing a majority of customer accounts with exceptional dedication and skill.

A testament to Mikayla's phenomenal work ethic is her unwavering focus on putting the customer first. She consistently prioritizes customer needs and expectations, ensuring a high level of satisfaction and nurturing strong, long-lasting relationships.

Away from the office, Mikayla balances her professional vigor with a delightful blend of personal hobbies. As a devoted dog parent, she loves to spend time with her two chocolate labs, Sadie and Tikka. She's also a keen angler, often fishing with her husband, Alex, and nurtures a beautiful garden at home. Her love for reading provides her with much-needed relaxation and mental stimulation.

Mikayla's relentless drive, customer-centric approach, and devotion to personal growth make her an invaluable asset to the Aircraft Extrusion Company and a cherished member of our team.

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