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High Strength Aluminum Tube


Aerospace Aluminum Tube in 2024, 6061, and 7075

7075-T6 and 2024-T3 are widely recognized as the top choices when it comes to high-strength aluminum alloys for tubing applications. While these alloys are commonly associated with the aerospace industry, it is important to note that their applications extend beyond that field. At Aircraft Extrusion Company, we specialize in providing high-strength alloy tubes suitable for various sporting applications that demand both strength and lightweight characteristics. Our offerings include aerospace-grade rectangular and square tubes, which are composed of a zinc-based alloy. We are proud to offer a range of options, including extruded, drawn, and hydraulic tubes to cater to diverse requirements.

Extruded and Drawn Tube

Our stock primarily consists of extruded and drawn tubes, with a focus on 2024-T3 AMS-WW-T-700/3 and 7075-T6 AMS-WW-T-700/7 for drawn tubes. For extruded tubes, we offer 2024-T3511 AMS-QQ-A-200/3 and 7075-T6511 AMS-QQ-A-200/11. These specifications ensure the highest quality and meet the required standards for the respective tube types.

Custom Tubing

Aircraft Extrusion Company specializes in offering customized tube profiles, encompassing square and rectangular tubing, as well as various special shapes. Our primary focus lies in delivering top-quality hard alloy tubes in 7075-T6 and 2024-T3. However, we are also capable of providing a diverse range of tube options, including 6061-T6 and 6063. With a strong track record of delivering high-quality tubes, we have successfully served multiple industries, such as aerospace, firearms, medical, automotive, and government applications.

Contact our sales team to learn more about custom aircraft tubes in 2024 and 7075.

Bending and Fabrication

If you wish to submit a Request for Quotation (RFQ) or seek additional information regarding our tube capabilities, we encourage you to get in touch with our dedicated sales team. In addition to our extensive selection of aerospace tubes, we offer a comprehensive range of secondary processes to meet your specific requirements. These include finishing, heat treatment, bending, forming, and CNC manufacturing. As a one-stop-shop solution, we take pride in delivering finished products that meet the rigorous standards set by our AS9100/ISO9001 quality management system. Our commitment to quality ensures that you receive products of the highest caliber, fully aligned with your expectations.

BAC1501 Boeing Tubes

We supply a number of aircraft tubing that conforms to Boeing specifications in 2024 and 7075. Here is a list of BAC1501 Boeing tube dimensions.

Tube Inventory

Part Number Category Description DIM Quantity In Stock (ft)
PartnumberCategoryDescriptionDIMQuantity In Stock (ft)
STREAMLINE TUBE 6061-T6511MISC4.738 X 2.03 X.115 X 96.000L4.738 X 2.03 X.115 X 96.000LQTY
304 TUBE 2 X 4 X .250RECT TUBE304 ASTM A554 2 X 4 X .250 X 20FT2.000 X 4.000 X 0.2501.41
6061-T6 TUBE 2X1.6X.073RECT TUBE6061-T6511 AMS-QQ-A-200/11 2.000 X 1.000 X 0.732.000 X 1.000 X .073 (.230 OCR8
6061-T6 TUBE 4.0 X 6.0 X .125RECT TUBE6061-T6 ASTM-B221 4.0 X 6.0 X .1254.000 X 6.000 X 0.1251
7075-T6 TUBE 0.5X1X0.049RECT TUBE7075-T6 AMS-WW-T-700/7 1.000 X 0.500 X 0.0490.500 X 1.000 X 0.049 OR 0.156840
7075-T6 TUBE 1.5X1.125X0.065RECT TUBE7075-T6 AMS-WW-T-700/7 1.500 X 1.125 X 0.0651.500 X 1.125 X 0.065 OD0.156278
7075-T6 TUBE 1.5X2RECT TUBE7075-T6 AMS-WW-T-700/7 1.500 X 2.000 X .0651.500 X 2.000 X .065 (.125 OCR2206.44
7075-T6 TUBE 1X2X.063RECT TUBE7075-T6 AMS-WW-T-700/7 1.000 X 2.000 X 0.0631.000 X 2.000 X 0.063 0.12 CR582
2024-T3 TUBE 0.500 X 0.065ROUND TUBE2024-T3 AMS-WW-T-700/3 0.500 OD X 0.065 WT0.500 X 0.06572
2024-T3 TUBE 1"OD X .065ROUND TUBE2024-T3 WW-T-700/3 1.000"OD X .065"WT1.000 OD X 0.065 WT36
2024-T3 TUBE 1.125 X 0.035ROUND TUBE2024-T3 AMS-WW-T-700/3 1.125 OD X 0.035WT1.125 X 0.03512
2024-T3 TUBE 1.125X.058ROUND TUBE2024-T3 AMS-WW-T-700/3 1.125"OD X 0.058"W1.125 OD X 0.058 WT12
2024-T3 TUBE 1.25 X .065ROUND TUBE2024-T3 WW-T-700/3 1.250"OD X .065"WT1.250 OD X 0.065 WT24
2024-T3 TUBE 1.5 X .250ROUND TUBE2024-T3 AMS-WW-T-700/3 1.500"OD X 0.250"W1.500 OD X 0.250 WT96
2024-T3 TUBE 1.50 X .035ROUND TUBE2024-T3 WW-T-700/3 1.50"OD X .035"WT1.500 OD X 0.035 WT24
2024-T3 TUBE 1.750 X 0.058ROUND TUBE2024-T3 AMS-WW-T-700/3 1.750OD X .058"W1.750 OD X 0.058 WT279
2024-T3 TUBE 1.75OD X 0.25"WROUND TUBE2024-T3 TUBE AMS-WW-T-700/3 1.75OD X 0.25"W1.750 OD X 0.250 W1
2024-T3 TUBE 1.845 X 0.075ROUND TUBE2024-T3 WW-T-700/3 1.845"OD X 0.075"W1.845 X 0.07572
2024-T3 TUBE 1.875 X 0.058ROUND TUBE2024-T3 AMS-WW-T-700/3 1.875"OD X .058"W1.875 X 0.05812
2024-T3 TUBE 2.0 X .058ROUND TUBE2024-T3 TUBE 2.0 X .058 AMS-WW-T-700/32.000"OD X 0.058"WALL36
2024-T3 TUBE 2.0 X .120ROUND TUBE2024-T3 WW-T-700/3 2.0"OD X .120"WT2.000 OD X 0.120 WT12
2024-T3 TUBE 2.000"OD X 0.083ROUND TUBE2024-T3 WW-T-700/3 2.000"OD X 0.083"WT2.000 X 0.08312
2024-T3 TUBE 2.25X.188ROUND TUBE2024-T3 TUBE AMS-WW-T-700/3 2.25OD X.188W2.250 OD X 0.188 WT60
2024-T3 TUBE 2.5X0.125ROUND TUBE2024-T3 TUBE 2.5X0.125 AMS-WW-T-700/32.500 OD X 0.125 THICK48
2024-T3 TUBE 3.750"OD X .500"ROUND TUBE2024-T3 TUBE 3.750"OD X .500" AMS-QQ-A-200/33.750" OD X 0.500 " WALL16.667
2024-T3511 TUBE 1.75OD X 0.25WROUND TUBE2024-T3 TUBE AMS-QQ-A-200/3 1.75OD X 0.25"W1.750 OD X 0.250 W72
2024-T3511 TUBE 2.75 X 0.250ROUND TUBE2024-T3511 TUBE 2.75 X 0.250 AMS-QQ-A-200/32.75 OD X 0.250 WALL2.66
3003-H112 TUBE 0.75 X 0.05ROUND TUBE3003-H112 TUBE 0.75"OD X 0.05"WA0.750"OD X 0.050"WA129
304 TUBE 1/2" X .035ROUND TUBE304 1/8 HARD MIL-T-6845 1/2"OD X .0350.500 X 0.03531.791
316 TUBE 1.25 X .049ROUND TUBE316 ASTM A 213 1.250"OD X 0.0491.250 X 0.04920
4130 TUBE 5/16 X 0.035ROUND TUBE4130 TUBE MIL-S-6736 5/16 OD 0.035 WT5/16 X 0.03536
4130 TUBE 0.500 X 0.156ROUND TUBE4130 TUBE MIL-S-6736 0.500 OD 0.156 WT0.500 X 0.15636
4130 TUBE 1"OD X .035ROUND TUBE4130 MIL-T-6736 1"OD X .035"WT1.000 X 0.03512
4130 TUBE 1.000 X 0.120ROUND TUBE4130 TUBE MIL-S-6736 1.000 OD 0.120 WT1.000 X 0.12036
4130 TUBE 11/16 X 0.120ROUND TUBE4130 TUBE MIL-S-6736 11/16 OD 0.120 WT11/16 X 0.12036
4130 TUBE 3/4"OD X .035ROUND TUBE4130 MIL-T-6736 3/4"OD X .035"WT0.750 X 0.03514
4130 TUBE 3/4"OD X .058ROUND TUBE4130 MIL-T-6766 3/4"OD X .058"WT0.750 X 0.05812
5052-0 TUBE 0.375 X 0.035ROUND TUBE5052-0 AMS-WW-T-700/4 0.375 OD X 0.035 WT0.375 X 0.03536
5052-0 TUBE 2.000 X 0.035ROUND TUBE5052-0 AMS-WW-T-700/4 2.000 OD X 0.035 WT2.000 X 0.035108
5052-0 TUBE 2.000 X 0.049ROUND TUBE5052-0 AMS-WW-T-700/4 2.000 OD X 0.049 WT2.000 X 0.049144
5052-0 TUBE 2.500 X 0.035ROUND TUBE5052-0 AMS-WW-T-700/4 2.500 OD X 0.035 WT2.500 X 0.03572
6061-T4 TUBE 5/8"00X0.028ROUND TUBE6061-T4 WW-T-700/8 0.625x0.280.625 X 0.2804
6061-T6 TUBE .625X.028ROUND TUBE6061-T6 MIL-T-7081 0.625 OD X 0.028 WT0.625 OD X 0.028 WT24
6061-T6 TUBE .625X.049ROUND TUBE6061-T6 AMS4082 WW-T-700/6 5/8"OD X .049W24
6061-T6 TUBE 0.250 X 0.035ROUND TUBE6061-T6 AMS-WW-T-700/6 0.250 OD X 0.035 WT0.250 X 0.03536
6061-T6 TUBE 0.750X.035ROUND TUBE6061-T6 WW-T-700/6 3/4"OD X .035"WT0.750 X 0.0358
6061-T6 TUBE 0.750X.058ROUND TUBE6061-T6 WW-T-700/6 0.750"OD X .058"WT0.750 X 0.0586
6061-T6 TUBE 1"OD X 0.35ROUND TUBE6061-T6 TUBE 1"OD X 0.35 WW-T-700/61.000 X 0.3508
6061-T6 TUBE 1.0"OD X 0.125WTROUND TUBE6061-T6 WW-T-700/6 1.0"OD X .125"WT1.000 OD X 0.125 WT15
6061-T6 TUBE 1.250 X 0.049ROUND TUBE6061-T6 AMS-WW-T-700/6 1.250 OD X 0.049 WT1.250 X 0.04940
6061-T6 TUBE 1.5"OD X 0.12WTROUND TUBE6061-T6 WW-T-700/6 1.5"OD X .12WT1.500 X 0.120132
6061-T6 TUBE 1.5X.035ROUND TUBE6061-T6 AMS-WW-T-700/6 1.5"OD X .035WT1.500 OD X 0.035 WT12
6061-T6 TUBE 1/4X.035ROUND TUBE6061-T6 HYD MIL-T-7081 1/4"OD X 0.0350.250 X 0.03524
6061-T6 TUBE 3/8.X028ROUND TUBE6061-T6 MIL-T-7081 0.375 OD X .028 WT0.375 OD X 0.028 WT6
7075-T6 TUBE 1" X 0.065ROUND TUBE7075-T6 AMS-WW-T-700/7 1"OD X 0.0651.000"OD X 0.065"W36
7075-T6 TUBE 1.13X.156ROUND TUBE7075-T6 AMS-WW-T-700/7 1.130"OD X 0.156"WT1.130"OD X 0.156"WT87.917
7075-T6 TUBE 1.75 X 0.125ROUND TUBE7075-T6 1.75 X 0.125 AMS-WW-T-700/7,ASTM B2101.750 OD X 0.125 WT72
7075-T6 TUBE 2.5X.125ROUND TUBE7075-T6 AMS-WW-T-700/7 2.5"OD X 0.125"36
7075-T6 TUBE 2.75 X0.375ROUND TUBE7075-T6 AMS-WW-T-700/7 2.75"OD X 0.375"W36
7075-T6 TUBE 3X.035ROUND TUBE7075-T6 AMS-WW-T-700/7 3"OD X .035W3"OD X .035W65
7075-T6 TUBE 8.4X3ROUND TUBE7075-T6 AMS-WW-T-700/7 8.4MMOD X 3MM ID8.4MMOD X 3MM ID972
7075-T6511 TUBE 2"OD X 0.250"WROUND TUBE7075-T6511 AMS-QQ-A-200/11 2"OD X 0.250"W2.000 OD X 0.250 WT124
7075-T73511 TUBE 2"ODX0.250"WROUND TUBE7075-T73511 AMS-QQ-A-200/11 2"OD X 0.250"W416
103165-1 DRAWN SQ TUBE 2024-T3SQ TUBE2024-T3 AMS-WW-T-700/3 0.750 X 0.750 X .0470.750 X 0.750 X 0.0471130
2024-T3 SQ TUBE .375 X .022SQ TUBE2024-T3 AMS-WW-T-700/3 0.375 X 0.375 X .0220.375 X 0.375 X 0.022204
2024-T3 SQ TUBE .5 X .028SQ TUBE2024-T3 AMS-WW-T-700/3 0.500 X 0.500 X .0280.500 X 0.500 X 0.0281212
2024-T3 SQ TUBE .5X.062SQ TUBE2024-T3 AMS-WW-T-700/3 0.500 X 0.062W0.500 X 0.500 X 0.062 0.094R192
2024-T3 SQ TUBE .656 X .035SQ TUBE2024-T3 AMS-WW-T-700/3 0.656 X 0.656 X .0350.656 X 0.656 X .035144
2024-T3 SQ TUBE 0.75 X .065SQ TUBE2024-T3 WW-T-700/3 0.750 X 0.750 X .0650.750 X 0.750 X 0.065 0.150R96
2024-T3 TUBE .75X.75X.047SQ TUBE2024-T3 AMS-WW-T-700/3 0.750 X 0.750 X 0.0470.750 X 0.750 X 0.047 (.078 IC73
2024-T3 TUBE .75X.75X.065SQ TUBE2024-T3 AMS-WW-T-700/3 0.75 X 0.75 X 0.0650.75 X 0.75 X 0.0651887
2024-T3 TUBE 1X1X.065SQ TUBE2024-T3 AMS-WW-T-700/3 1 X 1 X 0.0651.000 X 1.000 X 0.065600
2024-T3 TUBE 3.785SQX.188SQ TUBE2024-T3511 AMS-QQ-A-200/3 3.785 X 3.785 X 0.1883.785 X 3.785 X 0.18867.5
304 TUBE 4 X 4 X .375SQ TUBE304 ASTM A554 4"SQ X .375 WT X 20FT4.000 X 4.000 X 0.37520
6061-T6 SQ TUBE 2 X 2 X .250SQ TUBE6061-T6 ASTM B221 2.000 X 2.000 X .250 W/T2.000 X 2.000 X 0.250 X 1/4R100
6061-T6 SQ.TUBE 1.75 X .049SQ TUBE6061-T6 WW-T-700/6 DRAWN 1.75 X 1.75 X .0491.750 X 1.750 X 0.04924
6061-T6 SQ.TUBE 2.00 X .125SQ TUBE6061-T6 WW-T-700/6 2 X 2 X .125 (.156 OCR)2.000 X 2.000 X 0.12512
6061-T6511 SQ TUBE 1 X .063SQ TUBE6061-T6511 QQ-A-200/8 1 X 1 X .0631.000 X 1.000 X 0.063168
6061-T6511 SQ TUBE 1 X .065SQ TUBE6061-T6511 AMS-QQ-A-200/8 1" X 1" X .0651.000 X 1.000 X 0.065424
6061-T6511 SQ TUBE 2 X .083SQ TUBE6061-T6511 AMS-QQ-A-200/8 2.00 X 2.00 X 0.0832.00 X 2.00 X 0.083 0.250 OC108
6061-T6511 SQ TUBE 5/8 X .049SQ TUBE6061-T6511 AMS-QQ-A-200/8 0.625" X 0.0490.625 X 0.625 X 0.049120
6061-T6511 SQ TUBE 7/8 X .049SQ TUBE6061-T6511 AMS-QQ-A-200/8 .875" X 0.0490.875 X 0.875 X 0.049132
7075-T6 TUBE 1.25 X 0.109SQ TUBE7075-T6 AMS-WW-T-700/7 1.250 X 1.250 X 0.1091.250 X 1.250 X 0.109 .125 OCR732
7075-T6511 SQ TUBE 1.5 X .098SQ TUBE7075-T6511 AMS-QQ-A-200/11 1.5 X 1.5 X 0.0981.500 X 1.500 X 0.098132
7075-T6511 TUBE 1.5X1.5X.118SQ TUBE7075-T6511 AMS-QQ-A-200/11 1.5 X 1.5 X 0.1181.500 X 1.500 X 0.188 OCR .064684
7075-T6511 TUBE 1.5X1.5X0.098SQ TUBE7075-T6511 TUBE 1.5X1.5X0.098 AMS-QQ-A-200/111.500 X 1.500 X 0.098132
Part Number Category Description DIM Quantity In Stock (ft)