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A message from the founder and CEO, Michael Sealey.

Aircraft Extrusion Company, nestled in Chico, California, stands as a stalwart in the aerospace industry, renowned for our precision and innovation. Founded in 2015, it's a hub for top-tier aluminum extrusions, catering to diverse aviation needs worldwide. Our state-of-the-art facility, spanning 10,000 square feet, boasts cutting-edge technology, ensuring impeccable quality and efficiency in every product.

Specializing in standard, none-standard and custom extrusions, we cater to various aircraft components, from fuselage frames to wing structures. Beyond aviation, our expertise extends to industries like automotive and marine. Committed to excellence and reliability, at Aircraft Extrusion Company we continues to soar, shaping the future of aerospace engineering.

Founder and CEO

widerAircraft Extrusion Co helps to solve a multi-billion-dollar problem faced by airlines and manufactures every day - keeping planes in operation by providing and specializing in performance alloy extruded shapes, faster and more reliably than competitors. Chico, CA - based Aircraft Extrusion Co is a provider of extruded shapes to the aerospace repair, airline maintenance, machine shops and metal brokers/traders. Lead by Mike Sealey, an industry veteran and operating executive, the Company is well positioned and has rapidly scaled to millions in annual revenue with a low-cost basis in a highly predictable and growing market. Aircraft Extrusion Co existing business with key customers, vendors, and decision makers Aircraft Extrusion Co capitalizes on gross market inefficiencies resulting from decades of over consolidation where inventory has become less flexible to service customers, and fulfillment times have skyrocketed causing immense pain for customers seeking to minimize repair times and material cost’s.

Value Prop

Since the early 80’s Tiernay Metals were the largest supplier of aircraft extrusions in the world. There extrusion catalog was considered the bible for the industry with over a thousand pages of part numbers from a multitude of aircraft manufacturers globally, part numbers dating back to the 1940’s. Unfortunately, there was no way to quickly look up part numbers unless you had the book.

We aggregated over 40,000 part numbers and dimensional data in an easy-to-use online database enabling instant lookup, dimensional data, cross reference and the most powerful tool, looking up a range of part numbers using just the minimum of dimensions creating the worlds largest database of aircraft extruded shapes.


All material is fully inspected prior to stocking. including visual acceptance for dings, scratch or dents. The certification is also inspected to ensure that material meets the spec, with no exceptions, and that the heat lot and specification on the sheets agrees with the test report supplied. We also ensure quality by employing experienced quality personnel, through automated inspections, and utilizing CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs).

Commitment to Quality.

Aircraft Extrusion Co, both ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 Rev D. certified, provides the high level of quality that aerospace and defense manufacturers need, without exception. We do this with a keen focus on quality metrics. Aircraft Extrusion utilizes Statistical Process Control (SPC) methods to ensure that our facility operates at peak production without being over extended, and the result is a Parts Per Million (PPM) well below the industry average.

We exceed AS9100 

Our AS9100 certified quality management system allows us to provide the consistency and traceability required in the aviation industry. We pride ourselves on our document control procedures which ensure all required documentation is controlled, distributed, and maintained appropriately.


Aircraft Extrusion Company holds over 2000 items in stock in 2024 and 7075. Over the years we have made standard and non-standard shapes in imperial and metric sizes. For more information contact one of our sales team or send an RFQ.

Think Small

Aircraft's ultra-precision aluminum extrusions are produced through a proprietary technique that delivers features, tolerances, and surface finishes previously believed to be impossible. This process produces products at the sub-millimeter range, making it ideal for medical equipment and consumer electronics.