Extrusion Tolerance


Information on profile tolerance

We supply airrcaft quality tubing from all area's of the aerospace industries including such companies like Embraer and Spacex.

Profile tolerances are a key considerations in designing extrusions. Aircraft Extrusion Company understand the mechanics of working with aluminum. For each part we manufacture, we consider wall thickness, profile circumscribing circle size, location of dimension on the profile and the type of profile. We are also able to match the tolerance specifications with the right extrusion press size. While the aluminum industry provides standard dimensional tolerance guidelines for extruded aluminum profiles, flatness and twist, contours, straightness. The experience our team brings to each project allows us to compensate for those unique situations where standard tolerances will not be successful in the end-use part application. We understand that each extruded profile has critical features that are important to its performance. Our expertise helps us determine when tolerances must be tightened in order to achieve the fit, form and functional requirements of the end applications.

Table of Extrusion Tolerances

# Dimension Tolerance in inches Username
1 Up Thru 0.124 +/- 0.006 Alloy 2000 and 7000 Series
2 0.125 - 0.249 +/- 0.007 Alloy 2000 and 7000 Series
3 0.250 - 0.499 +/- 0.008 Alloy 2000 and 7000 Series
4 0.500 - 0.749 +/- 0.009 Alloy 2000 and 7000 Series
5 0.750 - 0.999 +/- 0.010 Alloy 2000 and 7000 Series
6 1.000 - 1.499 +/- 0.012 Alloy 2000 and 7000 Series
7 1.500 - 1.999 +/- 0.014 Alloy 2000 and 7000 Series
8 2.000 x 3.999 +/- 0.024 Alloy 2000 and 7000 Series
9 4.000 - 5.999 +/- 0.034 Alloy 2000 and 7000 Series
Corner and Fillet Radius
10 Sharp Corners +/- 0.016 Alloy 2000 and 7000 Series
11 0.016 - 0.187 +/- 0.016 Alloy 2000 and 7000 Series
12 0.188 and over +/- 10% Alloy 2000 and 7000 Series
For additional information review the pdf standard for Aluminum Extrusion Tolerance


widerOur AS9100 certified quality management system allows us to provide the consistency and traceability required in the aviation industry. We pride ourselves on our document control procedures which ensure all required documentation is controlled, distributed, and maintained appropriately. Our planning and scheduling department ensures that projects flow smoothly through the shop and all required materials are available when needed.

In-House Design Team

We are proficient in SolidWorks and Autocad and can translate engineering drawings and designs. We work with designers, engineers and buyers daily. Provide cost analysis and feasibility studies for commercial and aerospace grade aluminum. Providing over the phone quotes on most custom from simple to complex. We can discuss feasibility, die charges and lead times for Extrusions and tubes.

We talk Extrusion

The worlds largest dedicated company of aluminum profiles in 2024 and 7075. At Aircraft Extrusion Company, extruded shapes profiles and tubes is our focus. With over the past 15 years of over consolidation of metal companies the experts have gone. With no clear leader in aerospace profiles, no company specializing in the design, manufacture and supplier of aerospace extrusions and special shapes. We offer design information, tolerance, specifications and heat treating information, forming and bending capabilities to a wide range of customers ranging from Boeing, Airbus, Spacex to vintage aircraft groups building B-17 or experimental aircraft.

Custom Design

We work with you to develop the most cost-effective and optimal design for your product with our design engineers and with custom-made dies.

Rolled Extrusions

New advanced equipement and design development aircraft extrusion company can now offer rolled extrusions.

CNC Machining

CNC Milling up to 4ft x 12ft parts, including seat tracks and secondary oporations aluminum profiles in 7075 and 2024

Seat Tracks

Standard and none-standard types of seat tracks in stock. We also provide milling services for the round slots on the tracks.

Roll-Form Stringers

A great selections of formed angles, channels, hats and tee's in both 2024 Clad and 7075 Clad. In addition, we also have forming capabilities


We cut to size 7075 and 2024 extruded profiles, sheet, plate and form section. In-house cutting ops help reduce time, cost and shipping weights