Angle - Equal Thickness - TMS60-18287

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Part Number TMS60-18287

Weight / Foot: 0.173 Lbs/Ft

Factor: 28

Quantity FT:

A 1.575
B 0.866
A 40.005
B 21.996
T 0.059
T 1.499
R 0.118
R1 0.016
R2 0.016
R3 0.016
R4 0.016
R5 0.016
R 2.997
R1 0.406
R2 0.406
R3 0.406
R4 0.406
R5 0.406
DE 90. 00

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Information about TMS60-18287


TMS60-18287 aircraft extrusion, also known as aerospace extrusion used in the manufacture and repair or commercial and military aircraft. TMS60-18287 is an - Angle - Equal Thickness. The weight per foot is 0.173 and has a circle size of 1 - 2 C/S and the factor is 28. TMS60-18287 is manufactured in aircraft grade aluminum and the part number is related to the shape of the part. TMS60-18287 Angle - Equal Thickness will also cross reference to TMS60-18287, Contact Us.